Posted by lono_johno_pars

Final Complete Big Board 2020

Draft Big Board based upon where they will be entering year 5. This is where rookie contracts will expire, and primes of career typically begin to take shape for players who stick. Considering where the game's at and where it's heading my top criterions are- versatility (potential to play positionless basketball efficient & effective), 3pt shooting, and wing defense. High IQ point guards come around but those with length, smarts, and bursts of speed must be taken seriously. Playmaking and shot creation are invaluable, although the latter may be more rare and is a necessity for every successful second unit. The big man still has its place in the game and there are handfuls of NBA Centers who can be efficient and rank highly in regard for doing two or three things really well- Finishing layups/dunks, rebounding and sometimes blocking shots. Which ones also understand defensive positioning, sealing, and footwork? Some. Which ones are defensive anchors in the new sense? Which bigs can guard the perimeter like Bam Adebeyo when called upon? Very few can do answer to all of the above. Bigs who can protect the interior are one thing, but bigs that can use their athletic ability to protect outside too are a luxury these days. For this draft class the real value may come from versatile, positionless wings - who can sometimes guard four or five positions. But it isn't lacking in point guard potential. It may be criticized for its lack of top end talent, but it runs deep with potential NBA rotational players that could actually do their jobs well. As always much of the players fate remains up to the organization they land with and the skills they are asked to possess in game situations. But teams that do their homework may be handsomely rewarded even in the later first round through the middle of the second.